Global survey focused on work related issues presented to 30,000 people across 50 cities and 18 countries.

The Aspen Institute Future of Work Initiative and WeWork released the findings from their Future of Work and Cities Survey, a global research project designed to better understand the major trends shaping the 21st century, including urbanization, automation, and climate change, through the lens of people in cities who are experiencing them. 

Key takeaways from the report include:

  • People feel more optimistic about their city’s economy than their national economy
  • Major urban areas are at risk of losing their current residents and talent: 
  • Support is strong and widespread for climate action plans in cities
  • While most businesses are planning for automation, most workers are not 
  • People want more than just a paycheck from their jobs
  • WeWork members score their city higher on innovation than non-WeWork members